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Lodi High School serves approximately 480 students grades 9-12.  Lodi’s ACT scores are consistently above the state average and the high school has received an “Exceeds Expectations” on the State Report Card since its implementation.  Lodi High School offers a variety of course offerings including the only high school SMARTlab in the upper Midwest, a Fab Lab, along with numerous Advanced Placement classes.  Lodi High School has been recognized statewide and nationally for increasing student access to rigorous coursework and excellent AP exam results. Students can also take advantage of a variety of academic support programs, including flexible schedules, extended learning classes and more.    
Lodi High School staff encourages our students to play as hard as they work.  We offer a host of teams, clubs, and other activities that broaden interests and brighten horizons, including successful boys and girls athletics, multiple instrumental bands, choirs, a yearly musical and play, Mock Trial, Forensics, FFA, and an international studies program to name a few.  We have active sister school exchanges with Thailand, Germany, and Costa Rica.  In addition, Lodi High School is the only school in the state of Wisconsin that has a class taught through distance education by a teacher in a different country, as a teacher in Thailand teachers our Cultural Geography of Southeast Asia class.    

The staff of Lodi High School work each day to Create Opportunities for Success...Every Student...Every Classroom...Every Day!




Contact Us

Vince Breunig
High School Principal
608.592.3853 ext. 4402

Joe Jelinek
High School Associate Principal
608.592.3853 ext. 4403

Dawn Schwartz
Administrative Assistant to the Principal
608.592.3853 ext. 4401

Cathy Treinen
Administrative Assistant - Counseling
608.592.3853 ext. 4436

Lynn Werderits
Administrative Assistant - Athletics/Associate Principal/Attendance
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