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Performing Arts Center

The Lodi Community Performing Arts Center, located at 1100 Sauk Street at the Lodi High School in Lodi, WI is a beautiful theater facility. It is home to Lodi High School's dramatic and musical productions as well as numerous band and choral concerts and variety shows. Local music, theater and dance groups from the Madison area have also had the pleasure of using our stage. Visiting performers such as The Kat Trio of Ekaterinberg, Russia, Eist Dom of Ireland and our very own hometown boy and Broadway musical theater performer Tom Wopat have graced our stage in concert.

The 649-seat theater sports a 55'x25'x15' stage (height can be manipulated slightly), with additional playing area over the covered orchestra pit. Wing space, a full-midline curtain, and a white cyc curtain are some of the features to help you organize your playing space. There are four electric light bars over the stage with an additional catwalk over the audience area and two spotlights in the tech booth. There is also limited-use fly space.

* Unless otherwise noted, performances are free of charge.

* Doors generally open 30 minutes prior to start time.

* Please respect our performance space and performers. Turn off all non-emergency electronics. The glare from those screens can be bothersome to your fellow audience members. No flash photography, please. Also refrain from consuming any food and beverages (other than water) inside the theater.

THANKS! And enjoy the show!

Clue 3 Act Play

Clue play welcoming guests
Clue play on character down
Clue play Curtain Bow
Clue play dancing
Clue play
Clue play ~ Whats in the box
Clue Play 1
Clue play cast