Principal's Welcome


Welcome to Lodi High School

I’m excited to begin my 19th year as an educator in the School District of Lodi and my 7th year at the high school.  Serving as the principal for the past two  years during one of the most difficult times for our staff, students and families, has only reinforced my feelings for our school. It is a place where the staff sincerely care about their students, our parents make education a priority, and the students consistently find ways to impress us with their many accomplishments. Our students and staff demonstrate time and again that Lodi High School is a great place to be!

I’d like to formally welcome our new freshmen class (graduating class of 2026!) and their parents and look forward to the beginning of a partnership that will continue to help guide our children through the experiences of high school. These experiences are filled with countless moments of learning opportunities in the classroom, on the stage, in the gymnasium and on the athletic field. It’s a time when they begin to identify with who they really are and who they want to become. Lodi High School provides your child virtually limitless opportunities to grow, have fun and achieve as they follow their pathway to a successful future. 

This pathway includes our students taking advantage of a variety of academic support programs, including flexible schedules, extended learning classes and more. Lodi’s ACT scores are consistently above the state average and the high school received a “Significantly Exceeds Expectations” on the State Report Card. Lodi High School offers numerous Advanced Placement classes and has been recognized statewide and nationally for increasing student access to rigorous coursework and excellent AP exam results. It’s dedication towards providing our students with such programs as STEAM education and global exchanges to Thailand, Germany, and starting in the summer of 2023, to Spain, that help make our school stand alone as an innovative and globally minded institution.

Regardless of their interests, students who attend Lodi High School not only understand that they are members of a global community, but have the skills necessary to be successful wherever their dreams may lie, whether it be in the workforce, military, the trades, or a two or four year degree.

I look forward to the opportunity to be an important part of your child’s experience at our school and hope that our shared vision of success will lead to an incredible experience for them.

Thank you, and take care -

Mr. Jelinek

Joe Jelinek
High School Principal