• If you become aware of a student who is expressing intent to harm themselves or others, or you have other immediate concerns relating to the health and welfare of yourself or someone else...

    • Tell a parent/guardian who is physically with you OR...

    • If alone; call 911 if the threat is urgent and immediate.  

    • Call the police non-emergency number 608.592.5401 for any other situation that is not urgent and immediate.  The police can visit the home of the student whose safety is in question to see if they are okay and follow up accordingly.  

    • Police department hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. After Hours Non-Emergency number 608.742.4166 (Columbia County Sheriff)

Grant Lembcke
High School Counselor
608.592.3853 Ext 4413

Megan Kinonen

Megan Kinonen
High School Counselor
608.592.3853 Ext 4414

Cathy Treinen
Administrative Assistant
608.592.3853 Ext 4436

Nik Franciskovich

Nik Franciskovich
Student Services Coordinator 6-12
608.592.3853 Ext 4509/3204