Course Catalog and Scheduling


Social Studies – 4 credits                                           English – 4 credits                                         
1.0 cr. Human Geography or AP Human Geography         1.0 cr. Literature & Composition or Honors Literature & Composition
1.0 cr. World History or AP World History                        1.0 cr. World Literature or Honors World Literature
1.0 cr. U.S. History or AP U.S. History                            1.0 cr. American Literature or AP English Language & Composition
0.5 cr. Govt. and Social Issues                                       0.5 cr. Oral Communication
0.5 cr. Social Studies Elective                                        0.5 cr. Senior English Course
Math – 3 credits                                                          Science – 3 credits
3.0 credits math                                                           1.0 cr. Science 9 or Honors Science 9
*Math ELT does NOT count                                           1.0 cr. Biology or Honors Biology                                     
towards the 3 credits requirement                                 1.0 cr. Physical Science (at least 0.5 credit must be a Chemistry class)        
Physical Education – 1.5 credits
*3 different PE classes in 3 different years
Health – 0.5 credit (in high school)
Career & Technical Education – 0.5 credit
Fine Arts – 0.5 credit
Financial Literacy – 0.5 credit
STEAM 1 – 0.5 credit (beginning with class of 2022)
Electives – 6.0 credits
*Foreign Language is not required to graduate from LHS, but it is recommended for admittance to many colleges
Total Credits: 24

   Please see the Course Catalog 2024-2025 for course descriptions, laude information, and procedures.


Carefully selecting high school courses is an important process. Each year, with the advice and consultation of parents/guardians and the school counselor, students should consider both teacher recommendations and their own educational and career goals when making their course requests. 

  1. School counselors will present in December or January to every freshman, sophomore, and junior English classroom about graduation requirements, the Laude System, and how to make course requests through Infinite Campus. Eighth grade students will also meet with a high school counselor in December or January to make course requests. 
  2. Student course requests determine which classes are offered the following year and how many sections are offered for each course. It is imperative that all students and parents give careful consideration to course requests at this time. Please review the Course Catalog and see teachers or the school counselor for questions.
  3. Students should make certain that they select a total of 16 units in Infinite Campus. Yearlong courses that end in “P1” are taught during the first semester and “P2” are taught during the second semester. Students will need to request both “P1” and “P2” for yearlong courses. Students may designate preference for alternative courses; however, students need to be aware that courses may be moved by administration in order to balance the total school schedule.
  4. As a student selects courses, he or she should consider Lodi High School graduation requirements, personal needs, and individual interests. If attending college is in future plans, a student should also consider the minimum college admission requirements for the colleges or universities to which he or she may apply. See the “Post-Secondary Information” section in the course catalog for more information.
  5.  If a student is considering playing sports collegiately, he or she should also consider NCAA/NAIA requirements to help ensure that minimum college admission requirements are met. It is recommended that all college-bound students attempt to meet these requirements. Students are advised to talk with their counselors and consult websites or contact each college or university individually for details about sport eligibility.

After students meet with their counselor, it will be difficult to make changes to courses. Once course selection is complete, students are expected to keep the courses they have selected. In some cases, courses may not run due to insufficient enrollment. Additionally, a requested course may conflict with another requested course. In these cases, alternative courses will be added to the student’s schedule. Students who fail to make course requests will have their requests made for them by their counselors.

How to Schedule Courses in I.C.

  1. Log into student Infinite Campus portal

  2. On the left hand side, click on “More”

  3. Click on “Course Registration”

  4. Click on “2024-25 Registration”

All requests automatically save, simply log out when you have entered all requests.


Classroom Presentations:

9th Grade Scheduling Presentation

10th Grade Scheduling Presentation

11th Grade Scheduling Presentation

Please view the following videos to aid in making requests for next year:

Graduation Requirements and Laude Information