Laude Information

The purpose of the Laude System is to recognize students for the rigor of their academic program as well as their success in that program. This system based on rigour was initiated with the class of 2010. 

Laude Score
A student’s Laude Score will be determined by multiplying 1) the student’s cumulative GPA after first semester senior year by 2) the number of Laude Points earned in recognized courses completed while in high school.
Award Levels
There are three levels of awards
• Summa Cum Laude
• Magna Cum Laude
• Cum Laude
Laude Score Ranges for each Award Level
60 and above                   Summa Cum Laude
45-59.999                       Magna Cum Laude
30-44.999                       Cum Laude
29.999 and below            No laude recognition
All Laude recognized courses can be found in the Course Catalog. Please see the following presentation for more information.

Laude System Informational Presentation