Exchange Programs

Lodi High School participates in three Sister School Exchange programs, one in Suphanburi, Thailand, one in Treysa, Germany, and one in Costa Rica.

Over the past decade, hundreds of students have participated in the exchange program by traveling to another country, hosting a student from our sister school, or by being a buddy to a Thai, German, or Costa Rican visitor. When considering the number of students, families, and staff directly or indirectly involved in the program, and considering the tremendous impact this international exchange has had on our students and community, it is hard to argue the value of these programs.

The mission statement of the School District of Lodi states, “The mission of the School District of Lodi, a strong partnership of families, community and educators, is to inspire students to become lifelong learners who seek new understanding and skill to assume the role of responsible and contributing members of society by creating a world-class, innovative learning environment that stimulates academic and personal excellence.” These exchange programs promote our mission and provide students, staff, and community with life-changing experiences in the international arena.

Behavioral Contract
Parental Consent to Travel
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Costa Rica

Travel Opportunity - June 2020
Hosting Opportunity - January 2020
Host Family Application
Application To Travel
Costa Rica Exchange Calendar



Schwalmgymnasium in Treysa, Germany

Hosting - May 2019
Traveling - September 2019
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Students Arriving in Thailand Fall 2018
HOSTING - OCTOBER 2019 Cultural Exchange
Fall 2019 Exchange Host Family Application
Fall 2020 Study Tour Host Family Application
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Thailand Exchange/Study Tour Calendar