Yearbook Distribution Information

Yearbooks will be arriving in July this year instead of the spring.  We opted for a summer distribution so that we could cover all of the events that occurred later in the school year than they would have in a normal year.   Our tentative plan is to have them available for pick up on Picture Day, which is August 5th.  Pre-ordering is now closed, but there will be a limited number of books available for purchase once they arrive. 

 More details will follow as we get closer to that time.  If you have questions or aren't sure if you pre-ordered a book, you can email Mrs. Kerska at

Yearbook Information Website

Please click here to explore our one-stop-shop website for yearbook information.  This is something new we are developing this year so that all the information that students and families might need or want about yearbooks can be found in one spot. It does contain the same info as above regarding Senior Submissions, but it also contains other information as well, such as what kinds of other photographs the yearbook is in need of at this time and how to share them.  Thanks for checking it out!