The School District of Lodi is committed to providing each student a balanced and well-rounded education. Our school offers a variety of courses that allows each student to select courses that interest them and meet requirements. 

Advanced Placement courses are offered to 9th to 12th grade students. Lodi High School was recognized for the sixth year in a row by the Wisconsin Advanced Placement Advisory Council (WAPAC) as a Pacesetter School in Advanced Placement.  The award recognizes access and excellence regarding Advanced Placement as it is awarded to schools that have provided impressive student access to AP courses and posted excellent AP exam results.

Lodi High School also offers an international studies program. We have active sister school exchanges with Thailand, Germany and Costa Rica.  In addition, Lodi High School is the only school in the state of Wisconsin that has a class taught through distance education by a teacher in a different country, as a teacher in Thailand teachers our Cultural Geography of Southeast Asia class.

Our curriculum challenges our students, while still providing them with the support they need to succeed academically.